Criminal Defense

Criminal DefenseGeisler Law Offices has a long established reputation for its representation of persons who have criminal cases. The firm provides strong, experienced counsel in homicides, drug cases, other major felonies as well as misdemeanor, DUI, and traffic cases.

Appeals. Once a defendant has been convicted of a crime, whether its a misdemeanor or felony, they have the legal right to appeal their case to a higher court if they feel there were important legal errors made throughout the conviction or sentencing proceedings. Appeals are only one of several options a defendant can take post-conviction. If you have been convicted of a crime and feel there were mistakes made in your case, please contact us to learn more about your appeal options.

Federal Cases. Federal criminal cases are vastly different from other types of criminal cases. The rules of procedure are unbending; the charges are usually complex; and the penalties are severe. Furthermore, the Government spares no expense or resource in its attempting to obtain convictions and seizing the valuable assets of individuals and corporations that are under investigation for, or have been charged with, the alleged commission of federal crimes. If you are a subject or the target of a federal investigation, your or your corporation’s assets have been seized, or you have been charged with a federal crime, you need serious and experienced legal representation.

Felony Cases. If you’ve been arrested and accused of a crime — particularly a felony such as homicide — you’ll need a criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. Individuals who are already on probation or parole for another felony will find it equally important to retain a capable criminal law attorney. Even those accused of lesser crimes like theft or simple assault are likely to need legal representation from a licensed criminal defense attorney.

Felony DUI. Drunk driving is a serious offense, particularly when an accident occurs and someone is injured or killed. If you are arrested for driving while intoxicated, and especially if this is your second or third offense, you have come to the right place to seek aggressive legal representation.

Juvenile Cases. When a young person breaks the rules of society, society, through good lawyers like us and the courts, endeavors to correct the young person’s actions more than punish them. We work hard to help them begin a fresh start in the right direction.

Misdemeanor Cases. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor, it is important that you have an experienced misdemeanor defense attorney to represent you. Our misdemeanor defense lawyers have significant trial experience defending people accused of misdemeanor offenses.

Post-Conviction Petitions. Criminal appeals are limited to the record from the original trial. However, post-conviction remedies are not so limited. There are various types of post-conviction remedies: newly-discovered evidence petitions; motions of new trial; habeas corpus petitions; post-conviction petitions; and petitions for executive clemency. They are all unique and they all have their own specific purpose.

White Collar Crimes. White collar crime encompasses a vast list of charges including computer tampering, conspiracy, creditor fraud, embezzlement, falsifying business records, forgery, grand larceny, insurance fraud, offering a false instrument for filing, official misconduct, prescription medication violations, tax fraud, unemployment fraud, and welfare fraud among other criminal charges. The most common white collar cases involve the employer/employee relationship or allegedly forged documents.